Intern Agreement



By signing this document, I agree to the terms of the Galaxy Hound (hereafter called the company) Intern Program as laid forth herein.

I understand and accept that I will be participating in this program at my own free will. I am not obligated in any way to the company and may leave the program at any time. Neither is the company obligated to me in any way either during my participation or after my departure from the program. My participation in the various hours and structure of assignments is entirely up to me. However, I do understand and agree that the company may release me from the program for either breaking the guidelines set forth for family friendly content in any communication while representing the company whether it be broadcasting, verbal or written communication, or for failing to perform or complete my assignments in a manor acceptable to the company.

I also agree that the company may provide me with items, gear and/or material from time to time that I will need to participate in the program and my assignments and that at my departure, I may or may not be allowed to keep such provided items, gear or materials depending upon the discretion of the company.


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                   (Guardian if a Minor)


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