Finals for Fortnite are scheduled for SATURDAY, June 15th!!
1st place - $50 in store merch or gear
2nd place - $25 in merch or gear
3rd place - Stickers
Pairing 1 - Buckaroo_, TTVFadeCommando
Pairing 2 - USG Paradox, XxUrGONNAdiexX
3 way tie players: GdotBeaber, Savage JFK, GetThoseWheaties
(order and pairing subject to change)
FINALISTS! Be sure you are Epic friends with HP_Mason1717
  • Players will play 5 matches
  • Total eliminations for each player for all 5 matches will be added up and compared to all finalists' scores upon completion of competition
    • If you do not play during your assigned time slot you forfeit your right to enter into competition. However, if we can, we will allow you to play in another time slot but no promises
    • If there is a problem with the host's internet or broadcast, your time slot will be rescheduled if necessary
    • There is nothing we can do for you if there is a problem with your internet or if you experience lagging
    • For more information email us at:
    For more information, email us at: